Keeping Your Business Fresh

Our team of fully trained cleaners are dedicated to making your premises as clean and healthy as possible and to the highest standards. We take care to appoint the right people and place them in the right location. All staff are carefully interviewed and references and CRB checks are taken up prior to appointment. Training is undertaken on site, and their work is monitored continually to ensure it meets your needs and our own exacting standards. With full support from Supervisors and Managers to assist them in maintaining your site we aim to provide a positive work environment for all your staff.

All staff are issued with company uniform which provides ease of identification and assists with security.

All cleaning work is undertaken at times to suit your business needs, whether early morning, during the day or evening.

We supply all our staff with everything they need to maintain your site, and stocks of cleaning supplies are maintained by our mobile Supervisors.

Phone and Computer Cleaning: Helping to keep your staff healthy

Normally included in the cost of your monthly cleaning contract is telephone sanitising once per month, with computer and keyboard cleaning as an option.

This simple service often overlooked by other companies, can have a dramatic effect on staff morale, and helps to eliminate potentially infectious germs from the office environment. Most of us forget how much we use this type of equipment every day.

Kitchen and Washroom Supplies, Laundry, Sanitary Hygiene bins and dispensers, Waste disposal, Automatic air freshener systems

Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Tea Towels, Tablecloths etc. can be supplied, laundered and maintained. Individual colour choices to compliment your décor or company logos.

All your Toilet Rolls, Paper Hand Towels, Liquid Soap, Tea, Coffee, Sugar etc. can all be supplied. You save time and effort in having to order them, store them and pay for them.

We will calculate your normal monthly usage for you and our delivery drivers will ‘top up’ your stocks when they come each month.

Air Freshener Automatic Dispensing Systems with a wide variety of fragrances. All supplied, fitted and maintained.

A Solution to All Problems

From window cleaning to pressure cleaning we have fully trained and experienced staff able to provide any requirements your site may need, so there’s no need to seek out multiple contracts, helping to save you time, effort and money.

Pressure Cleaning: Getting rid of the most stubborn grime

SCB Services has once again selected products from the Karcher range to provide our customers with a valuable additional service.

High pressure cleaning can be used in a number of ways to overcome particular problems, some applications are mentioned below:

  • Patio cleaning
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Exterior Staircases
  • Removal of bird fouling
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaners

Our Professional Window Cleaners are able to cope with all situations, from ladder access to aerial platforms or even abseiling although most of our work is done using the pure water reach and wash system.

We will discuss your particular requirements and design a service to suit your needs.